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Lotto Revelator Uncovers the Odds Against Winning

In a complete break from sales and meaningful utilities, Lotto Revelator is designed as a demonstration of the futility of playing your state's pick-six lottery game.
Did you ever consider really getting serious about playing the lottery? Winning 20 or 30 million dollars would certainly go a long way to easing life's paying the mortgage or the car loan, or working 9 to 5. Of course, there are two problems: 1) Having enough cash to play seriously, and 2) actually winning the jackpot. With Lotto Revelator, you can determine just how difficult it is to win the lottery by playing for hundreds, even thousands of years...without spending one cent.

Lotto Revelator Features

lotto simulation
Play tens of thousands of simulated lottery games in seconds
lotto strategy
Work your own strategy: use "quick picks" or select your favorite numbers
Compare lotto strategies
Compare strategies to see which pays off best -- or, if you can get a payoff at all
Evaluate lotto returns
Which pays off best: the lotto, your bank, or the stock market? Or just keeping your cash under the mattress?
Simulate lotto no risk
Spend simulated hundreds of millions without losing a single penny

Take A Free Ride

With Lotto Revelator, you can evaluate the return you would (or would not) have received if you had spent millions or hundreds of millions of dollars playing the numbers. Demonstrate to friends and co-workers (and yourself) that hitting the jackpot can require several statistical lifetimes. And do it while keeping all your cash and your sanity.

All the Play Without Any Pay

Play up to 10 number sets by either entering your favorite numbers, or let Lotto Revelator pick random numbers for you. Then, specify how many weeks you want to play. The default is 2,964 weeks (that's 57 years), but you can increase this number to over twenty million weeks (which bumps you up to 384,615 years). Note: Methuselah made it to only 969 years. Just sayin'.
When the lotto simulation starts, the program conducts tens of thousands of random drawings per second. Options allow the program to run for the full number of drawings specified or to stop if you hit the big jackpot. Totals show the amount of money you would have spent and the return received from the lottery. This version also shows how much money you would earn if the lotto expenditures were deposited in your bank account instead.
Lotto Revelator is provided free of charge by On Top Systems LLC and is intended for entertainment and amusement purposes only.

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