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Minute-2-Minute Project Time Management

Minute-2-Minute is designed for people who need to accurately track and bill clients for work at the computer. Programmers, web designers, transcribers, virtual assistants, and more can benefit from the powerful features we've included in this software.
Using a project-based system, Minute-2-Minute accurately times your work. Pause the timer with a single mouse click. Switch from one project to another quickly. Choice of two on-screen timers or minimize the timer to your system's task bar to maximize your work space. At the end of the month or on demand produce accurate, detailed billing invoices for any period.

Minute-2-Minute Features

Unlimited clients, unlimited projects
Unlimited clients, unlimited projects
Default options can be applied to each new project
Set default options to apply to each new project
Dozens of new features
Dozens of new features in latest version
Hourly flat rate or variable rate by day
Flat hourly rate or variable rate by day
Internal timer for accuracy
Internal timer for exceptional accuracy
Generate invoices at any time
Generate invoices for any period at any time
Email statements as a PDF attachment
Email statements as a PDF attachment
PDF creation software not required
PDF creation software not required
Preview statements prior to printing
Preview statements prior to printing
Context-sensitive help available at a keypress
Context-sensitive help at the touch of a key

Personal Project Timing and Management

Working at your computer as an independent contractor, it can be challenging to keep accurate records for each project. Generating a billing statement at the end of the month or when the project is completed can take too much time, even using a third-party spreadsheet or bookkeeping program.

No Monthly Fees -- Ever!

Unlike "cloud-based" systems, there are no monthly fees with Minute-2-Minute. You pay for the software once, and that's it. Your one-time payment guarantees you free software upgrades for life. And unlike systems that rely on the internet, you can rest assured you'll always be able to time your work without network interruptions.

Get more details and download the full-featured trial from the Minute-2-Minute web site

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