Minute-2-Minute Project Time Management

Minute-2-Minute Project Time Tracking

Minute-2-Minute Features

Full-Featured Trial
Unlimited clients, unlimited projects
Set default options to apply to each new project
Dozens of new features in latest version
Supports flat hourly rate or variable rate by day
Unique internal timer for exceptional accuracy
Generate invoices for any period at any time
Email statements as a PDF attachment
PDF creation software not required
Preview statements prior to printing
Context-sensitive help at the touch of a key
Unlimited clients and projects; switch with just two mouse clicks
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Product provided via electronic delivery.
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Windows 98 up
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Personal Project Timing and Management

Loaded with Easy to Use Features

Your default project settings can be applied to each new project you create
Use the built-in AutoTrak™ timer for complete accuracy, or enter/edit your time manually
Edit or update any time entry, even those inserted automatically
Choice of flat or variable hourly rates, individually by client and/or project
Two sizes of AutoTrak™ timer -- small and mini -- to give you the maximum uncluttered work space
Need even more space? Minimize either timer to the task bar or system tray
Include monthly expenses and credits, optionally print those items on your generated invoice
Add daily/detailed comments and optionally print them as part of your statement
Print invoices as needed, for the entire month or any selected period -- complete flexibility!
Time rounding options include to the next minute, or timing to the exact second
Supports multiple currencies: U.S. dollar, U.K. pound, and E.U. euro
Minute-2-Minute is designed for people who need to accurately track and bill clients for work at the computer. Programmers, web designers, transcribers, virtual assistants, and more can benefit from the powerful features we've included in this software.
Using a project-based system, Minute-2-Minute accurately times your work. Pause the timer with a single mouse click. Switch from one project to another quickly. Choice of two on-screen timers or minimize the timer to your system's task bar to maximize your work space. At the end of the month or on demand produce accurate, detailed billing invoices for any period.
Working at your computer as an independent contractor, it can be challenging to keep accurate records for each project. Generating a billing statement at the end of the month or when the project is completed can take too much time, even using a third-party spreadsheet or bookkeeping program.

Screen Images

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Time It Your Way

Minute-2-Minute lets you create a new timing project in a matter of seconds. Choose from a number of options to customize how Minute-2-Minute works for you.
Click the stopwatch icon to start timing your work. Use either of the two sizes of on-screen timers (small or mini), or send the timer to your task bar for maximum workspace. No matter what mode you select, pause timing with a single mouse click and resume timing the same way.
Your work is timed accurately regardless of your computer's speed. That's because Minute-2-Minute's internal timer is independent of your system clock. The means you can have multiple windows open on your desktop without affecting timing accuracy.
Switch between projects with just a few mouse clicks. Each project maintains separate totals, and your total time and billing for the month is always shown on Minute-2-Minute's main window. Existing time records can be edited at any time, plus detailed comments on each day's work can be optionally added.

Invoices in Seconds

Whenever you're ready to issue invoices, even in the middle of a project, just click the printer icon, select the project to be billed, choose your invoice options, and click "print". If you prefer to send invoices by email, click Minute-2-Minute's "email" button. Your invoice will be prepared as a PDF attachment -- even if you don't have PDF creation software -- and your email client is opened with a message pre-addressed to the client. Just enter a brief message and click "send" to complete the process.

No Monthly Fees -- Ever!

Unlike "cloud-based" systems, there are no monthly fees with Minute-2-Minute. You pay for the software once, and that's it. Your one-time payment guarantees you free software upgrades for life. And unlike systems that rely on the internet, you can rest assured you'll always be able to time your work without network interruptions.
Option of U.S. (0,000.00) or European (0.000,00) currency formatting
Export project billing information to a CSV file for use by third party applications
Automatically check for program updates (requires active internet connection)
Send statements as email PDF attachments without having PDF generation software installed
Roll previous month balances forward with just a few mouse clicks
Full-Featured Trial
Minute-2-Minute's main window
Project settings gives you in-depth control
The Time Segment editor is where time records can be added or edited
The Database Manager
Revenue analysis includes graphic representations of income by client/project
Print invoices by client or by projects with multiple options

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