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Resident Reminder Won't Let You Forget

Resident Reminder is free reminder software that lets you quickly create events for all your important dates; anniversaries, birthdays, meetings, and more. Resident Reminder's special "Date Counting" feature lets you create events like "Bob's 34th Birthday" or "Sue is 15 years old today" with the event count automatically updated each day/month/year.
The basic version of Resident Reminder is free to download and use, however a welcome screen is displayed each time the program runs. Registering Resident Reminder for a one-time fee of $7.95 unlocks additional features and permanently removes the welcome screen delay.

Resident Reminder at a Glance

Store unlimited events repeating by week, month, year
Create unlimited events repeating by week, month, or year
Events run once, end on a specific date, or repeat forever
Set events to run once, to end after a specific date, or repeat forever
Optional advance warning of impending events
Optional advance warning of impending events, plus a reminder on the actual event date
View events on screen or print in one of several formats
View events on screen or print your choice of a calendar or list of events for any period
Special features for commodity traders
Includes a special event features for commodity traders allowing reminders unique to that profession

Keeping Track of Your Life

Resident Reminder provides an easy way to never overlook an important date. Each important date is entered as an "event" via Resident Reminder's easy to use interface. Create events that reoccur on a daily/weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Events can be set to occur once, to continue up to a specified date, or to continue indefinitely.
Options include the ability to be alerted x number of days in advance of the event. You can also include Resident Reminder's "Date Counting" feature so the event's message reads, for example, "Dave's 45th Anniversary' or "Alice is 15 years old today".
When Windows starts, Resident Reminder checks its list of events and automatically alerts you to any current event or advance notice that is due today. You can also manually check the current date's events at any time.

Calendar View/List Events

With just a button click you can see events for any month and even add new events or edit existing events from the calendar. Print the calendar or print a detailed list of events for any date range.
Resident Reminder is provided free of charge. If you register the software for a one-time fee of $7.95, you'll have access to additional features, such as the ability to backup and restore the database to guard against data loss from a computer crash and the ability to export your events to a text file for use by other programs. Registering will also remove the welcome screen delay that appears each time the program starts.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase of Resident Reminder, contact us within 90 days for an immediate refund of the program's purchase price.

Our Money Back Guarantee

90 day Money Back Guarantee

Our No-Hassle Guarantee

Try Resident Reminder and see if it helps you keep better track of your life. If you don't like it, just choose the uninstall option from the Start menu and bid the program farewell. We don't include any ads, pop-ups, or malicious code in our software. We don't ask for your name or even your email address when you download (so you'll never get any spam from us!) So try Resident Reminder, and see if it's right for your needs.