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Radio Return On Investment Calculator

A client's response to the results he receives from an advertising campaign is often determined by what his expectations were when the campaign commenced. Even if the client's sales goal was achieved, he might be disappointed with the results if he was expecting a thousand customers and got only a hundred.
The Return On Investment Calculator helps both the client and the salesperson determine, in advance, what response is needed to achieve a reasonable return on the client's advertising investment. It's yours to use FREE for one station, or register the program for just $9.95 and get support for up to eight stations.

Radio Return On Investment Calculator Benefits

Involve client in determining the schedule
Involve your client in determining the schedule's success or failure
Determine response needed to hit goal
Utilizes an analytical approach to determining the response required to achieve the client's goal
Client's sales figures determine goals
The client's own sales figures and input help determine the actual number of responses needed
Shifts burden of proof to client
Shifts the burden of proof from you and your stations to the client's message and offer
Creates realistic expectations
Creates realistic expectations for the client (and for you) for any schedule on any station
Return On Investment Calculator takes a rational, analytical approach to establishing realistic goals for a "successful" ad campaign. It starts by involving the client in the outcome. In a pre-campaign meeting with the client, you jointly determine:
Ad dollars invested
The advertising dollars to be invested in the campaign on your station(s)
Client's realistic expectation
The client's realistic expectation of a percentage of return on his investment
Client's realistic expectation
Client's profit margin
The client's profit margin (not to be confused with markup)
Average sale amount
The amount of the client's average sale
Client's closing ratio
The client's closing ratio (out of 10 customers, how many complete a purchase?)

Crunching the Numbers

Armed with these figures, the Return On Investment Calculator determines how many sales and how many prospects the campaign must deliver in order to be a success. In one example, in order to generate a 20% return on his ad investment, the campaign needs to attract only 29 customers! Our fictitious station has a cumulative audience of 100,200 listeners per week. This means only 0.028692 percent of the audience needs to respond to his message (less than 3/100th of a percent) or 1 listener out of each 3,455!
Your closing question: "Do you feel that when our 100-thousand listeners hear your ad message, at least 29 of them will find it compelling enough to come shop your store?" If the client says "no" to that question, he understands the problem is his offer -- not the medium he is using.
Return On Investment Calculator is a powerful tool. This version includes the ability to accept cumulative audience figures for up to eight stations (free version allows only one station). Only stations you select will appear on the client's printed analysis.
Clients sales figures
Utilizes each client's own sales figures (average purchase, closing ratio)
Determine in advance the number of customer responses required to achieve ROI goal
Customer responses needed
Deliver results
Demonstrates to the client that your station has the listeners to deliver results
return on investment
Places burden of success on the advertiser's message instead of your stations
increase radio sales
On screen values update instantly as you enter client's sales information
Paid version supports 8 stations
Free version supports one station; paid version supports up to eight stations
Only stations you select will appear on the customer's printed analysis
Selective printing of stations
Printed report details exactly how many responses are needed for a successful campaign
Report shows responses needed
Only fraction of audience needed for success
Typical response for success requires only a fraction of the station's audience to respond
FREE (One station)
$9.95 (8 stations)
Use any major credit card or PayPal

Our No-Hassle Guarantee

Try ROI Calculator and see if it helps you increase sales. If you don't like it, just choose the uninstall option from the Start menu and bid the program farewell. We don't include any ads, pop-ups, or malicious code in our software. We don't ask for your name or even your email address when you download (so you'll never get any spam from us!) So give ROI Calculator a shot, and see if it helps you generate more sales.

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