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SCOOTER 5: Free Ad Scheduling Software

SCOOTER 5 is the latest version of our sales software that lets you quickly build even the most complex broadcast ad proposals and present them in a format clients understand.
We developed SCOOTER as an everyday tool that helped our radio sales staffs maximize their time and make more presentations. SCOOTER saves you hours every week, which means you spend more time with clients and less time at the keyboard.
SCOOTER is available in two versions: SCOOTER Free is available at no charge. It handles the basics of creating proposed schedules and many users find it more than adequate for their needs. SCOOTER Pro, adds dozens of additional features, including ROS scheduling, monthly and weekly packages, color coding of weeks, an optional client broadcast calendar printed with the proposal, and more. Upgrade to SCOOTER Pro at any time for $29.95 to get all the additional features including free updates for life.
SCOOTER is in use across the nation, including in:
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Putting a broadcast ad proposal together for a client can be time consuming. And the more time you spend creating your proposal layout, the less time you spend in front of clients.
SCOOTER 5 is sales software that makes creating broadcast ad proposals faster and easier than ever. In a matter of five minutes or less, you can design the most complex schedules and print them (or email them) in a format that advertisers find easy to understand.
The first time we took a SCOOTER schedule layout to a client, the client said: "Why didn't you show me this before?" It was a revelation: clients don't visualize ad schedules the way media people do. SCOOTER bridges the gap. Clients immediately understand what they're seeing, and this becomes an advantage that simplifies the sales process. Plus, your proposed schedules have a consistent format advertisers recognize each time they see it.
With each new version, we've added more features to SCOOTER, many of them suggested by our users across the U.S.A. SCOOTER has even gone international, with users in Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.
Download and try SCOOTER -- there's no obligation. For the first 30 days, you'll enjoy the full features of SCOOTER Pro. After 30 days, purchase a license to keep the Pro version, or continue to use SCOOTER Basic, the free version with fewer features.
Client information

Ad Proposals from Start to Finish

Create any proposal from one week to 53 weeks in length. SCOOTER's Schedule Information window puts all the details at your fingertips. Just select your client from the drop-down list. To add a new client, simply enter the client's name and SCOOTER will ask if you want to add it to the list.
Schedule description, dates, stations, and options are all visible on one screen so you see everything at once. Changes are made with a few mouse clicks.

SCOOTER Pro Adds More!

The free version of SCOOTER does all the above (and much more). But SCOOTER Pro adds even more. Here are just a few features:
• Interactive date options: adjust the start or end date of a schedule while maintaining schedule length.
• Multiple package options: use monthly or weekly package pricing with different amounts for each period.
• Easy proposal editing: copy/paste schedule lines, insert/delete lines, change line position in a schedule (move up or down), delete selected schedule columns or rows.
• Include broadcast calendar: an optional calendar showing the weeks a schedule airs can be included with each proposal. Clients tell users this is a great schedule enhancement.
• Include holidays: broadcast calendars can include holiday dates in red. Great for planning retail events with a client. Add/edit holidays with SCOOTER Pro's Holiday Manager.

Schedule Ads Week by Week in Seconds

Creating an ad proposal in SCOOTER is fast and easy. Just specify the dayparts or time periods, the ad length and rate, and the number of ads on the days they will air. You have complete flexibility to set up the schedule the way you want, using terms your clients understand.
Create your own custom dayparts
Some customers prefer standard dayparts, others like to narrow the air time of their ads. With SCOOTER 5, there's never a problem. You can easily create the "standard" dayparts you want using the descriptions you like. Then, each time you create a new proposal, you can use the "standard" time blocks, or create custom ones as needed. Or, modify the dayparts of any proposal any time you want.
Fill in the proposed schedule -- much like your station's radio traffic software -- supplying the number of ads and rates for each daypart. SCOOTER 5 immediately totals the proposal by line, by week, and by schedule duration, even showing your average unit rate.
With the optional features of SCOOTER Pro, you can add monthly or weekly package pricing, or do package pricing by individual schedule line. SCOOTER Pro also offers ROS scheduling, interactive date adjustments, color coding of weeks, including a client broadcast calendar / planner showing the weeks your client is active on your station, and much more!

Print or Email Proposals, Your Choice!

SCOOTER 5 prints your proposals in color (on color printers), but doesn't stop there. If you've included your client's email address, just click SCOOTER's EMail button and send the proposal as a PDF attachment... even if you don't have the PDF creation software on your computer! SCOOTER 5 creates the PDF, opens your email client, and attaches the schedule. All you have to add is your email text message to the client. (You can optionally view the schedule PDF before you click the email "Send" button.)
And, with SCOOTER Pro, once the client approves the schedule, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on the keyboard and click the Email button to email a copy of the schedule as a broadcast order to your traffic department. (This idea was suggested by users -- and your ideas for SCOOTER are also welcome!)
The best way to find out everything about SCOOTER is to download the program and use it! SCOOTER Basic is 100% free, with no nag screens or advertising. You'll also get a free 30-day trial of SCOOTER Pro with all its extra features. After 30 days, either purchase a license to continue using SCOOTER Pro, or continue to use SCOOTER Basic -- FREE -- forever.
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Manage Every Proposal

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Keeping track of each client's proposals over time can be a daunting task. Especially when a client wants to repeat a schedule from the past -- even a previous year.
SCOOTER keeps every proposal for every client on file until you decide to delete them. Calling up an old schedule requires only a mouse click. In moments, you can copy the schedule, modify the dates (and the schedule, if needed), and have it printed or emailed to your client for approval.
If your stations offer a popular package, it's only a matter of seconds to create a custom schedule for each client. Copy the schedule, select a new client, and click print or email. Done! SCOOTER keeps all your client information on file for instant access.
When a schedule start date changes because of market conditions or a client's whim, SCOOTER lets you adjust the entire schedule in seconds. With SCOOTER Pro, the schedule span can be "locked". Changing the schedule start date automatically adjusts the end date so the original schedule length is maintained. Unlock the span to expand or shorten the number of weeks in the schedule. Easy!
In SCOOTER Pro, each proposal can be color coded by status. At a glance, you can see which proposals have been approved, are about to expire, and have expired or been declined by the client. Keeping track of each proposal for each client is easy with the help of SCOOTER Pro!