Month per Page -- Print a single month from the selected year on a single sheet of paper, or optionally print all 12 months, each on a separate sheet. Includes week numbers.

Broadcast Calendar Generator

Broadcast Calendar Generator

Broadcast Calendar Generator Features

Print calendars for any year through 9999
Your choice of SIX different calendar styles
Preview calendars on screen before printing
Prints in color on color printers
Most calendar styles include week numbers
Print one month per page, or...
One quarter (three months) per page, or...
One year per page, or...
Three years per page, or...
Nine keyboard strips or the new Planning calendar
Graphic provided for illustration purposes only
Product provided via electronic delivery.
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Windows 98 up
100% Clean - No Virus/No Spyware
No Ads - No Nag Screens

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Broadcast Calendar Generator is a free software program that lets you instantly create, view and optionally print standard broadcast calendars for 2017, 2018, or any year up to 9999.
Broadcast Calendar Generator defaults to the current year (as set on your computer system) and then remembers the last calendar year you printed on subsequent uses.
We've made Broadcast Calendar Generator absolutely, positively FREE to download and use. There are no nag screens, hidden programs, advertising, or malicious code included. You're invited to use it with our compliments.
While you're visiting, check out our FREE program, SCOOTER: The Schedule Builder.
Build even complex schedules in just minutes that advertisers find easy to understand.

Never Be Without A Calendar When You Need One

We developed Broadcast Calendar Generator after scrounging for a calendar for a previous year and not being able to find it. It quickly became one of our most popular utilities at our stations...and has been one of our most downloaded programs at

Choice of Six Calendar Styles

Quarter per Page -- Print three consecutive months from the selected year on a single sheet of paper, or optionally print all quarters of the year on four sheets. Includes week numbers.
Single Year -- The selected year printed on a single sheet of paper in two columns (six months per column). Includes week numbers.
Three Years -- The selected year plus the following two years printed in three columns (twelve months per column) on a single sheet of paper. Includes week numbers.
Keyboard Strip -- Nine copies of the selected year with months printed horizontally on 8½ x 14-inch (legal) paper. Sliced apart, each strip is slightly less than one inch high, making them perfect for the top of a computer keyboard (above the function key row). Paper cutter not included.
Planning Calendar -- A full year of broadcast months with a column for budget estimates and a large note area next to each week of the year. It's a great tool for helping your clients plan their ad campaigns. We borrowed it from the NEW version of SCOOTER, the schedule-builder, because so many users liked it!
The selected calendar style is displayed on screen for your review before printing. If the layout isn't right, you can return to the selection screen to make changes. Calendars can be accurately generated for any year, including 2017, 2018 and beyond.

What's the Deal with This "FREE" Program?

The Broadcast Calendar Generator program was developed as an in-house utility at our radio group back in the 1990's. Since then, the program has been updated (five times now!) and given a more modern look in comparison to the original version.
We decided to make the program free to everyone because:
a. Everybody needs a broadcast calendar eventually (at least once a year).
b. Free stuff is a great way to get people to visit our web site, and;
c. We're just nice guys.
Just because it's free of charge doesn't mean we've scrimped on putting the program together. It is carefully crafted (as is all our software) and even includes a (brief) help file in case you can't figure out how to select a year, a style, and find the print button.
There are some things we did NOT include: nag screens, advertisements, browser hijacks, and "crapware" (where, along with the free program you get a bunch of other things you don't want). Broadcast Calender Generator consists only of Broadcast Calendar Generator -- period. And we definitely mean it when we say if you like your Broadcast Calendar Generator, you can keep your Broadcast Calendar Generator. After all, it will create accurate broadcast calendars for any year beginning 1920 to 9999. And if you can sell a client today that far out, our hats are off to you.
So, yes, Broadcast Calendar Generator is absolutely, positively free -- no strings attached. We hope you'll enjoy it year after year, with our compliments. And if we can ever figure out a way to enhance the broadcast calendar format, you'll be welcome to come back and download version 6 -- free!
Broadcast Calendar Main Window
Quarterly broadcast calendar example
Yearly planning calendar example

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