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We've Unlocked the Secret to Making Your Music Sound Great

Let's face it. Not all songs are created equal.
No doubt, you have a lot of favorite songs in your music collection. And probably others that are slightly less favorites.
The problem is, all the music players in the world lump all your tunes into one big group. And play them one after the other. Your favorites getting preference? Forget it.
My Radio Station changes all that -- forever.
With My Radio Station, categorize your music into favorites and less favorites...up to 26 different classifications in the full version of the program.
This allows favorites to play more often, and gives you the control other music players lack.
But that's only the beginning: My Radio Station gives you the same tools professional radio programmers use to make your music sparkle, sounding better than ever before.
control tempo between songs


Avoid jarring transitions from slow to fast songs (or the reverse). YOU control tempo transitions from one song to the next.
find artist protection between songs


No longer will songs by the same artist play back-to-back. YOU specify how many songs must play before an artist can repeat.
set custom cue points for each song


Each song can have its own "cue point", allowing one song to smoothly overlap with the next, just like on the radio. Super cool!
7 Reasons Why
Is Better Than Your Current Music Player
1. Unlimited Formats
Organize your music by style: rock, jazz, country, etc. Each format is a different radio station. Change "stations" with two mouse clicks.
2. Favorite Categories
Within a format, assign songs by categories you create. Each category can have unlimited song titles*. Easily move songs between categories.
3. Hot Clocks
Radio pros use "hot clocks" to control how often and when song categories play. Create unlimited hot clocks and switch between them automatically.
4. Artist Protection
No more songs by the same artist playing back-to-back. You specify how many songs must play before an artist can repeat.
5. Tempo Control
Set the amount of tempo change between songs you will allow. Smoothly transition between songs with no jarring changes.
6. Better Song Rotation
When a song plays, My Radio Station moves it to the "bottom of the stack", forcing other songs to play before that song can repeat.
7. Custom Cue Points
Each song in your format can have a custom cue point that indicates when the next song starts to play. This feature provides a smooth audio overlap, just like you hear on the radio. Combined with the tempo control feature, it allows My Radio Station to sound just like a "real" radio station...but without all the commercials and DJ chatter.
Hear the difference...
Country Example:
COOL Oldies Example:
Smooth Jazz Example:
Easy Rock Example:
About Those Jingles and Liners...
You might have noticed that some of the audio examples above contained musical images (otherwise known as "jingles") and station imaging (otherwise known as "liners"). These are important elements in mimicking the sound of a "real" radio station. They also aid in transitioning from one tempo to another.
As important as they are, jingles and liners are NOT included with My Radio Station. Such elements are available for personal use through diligent searching of the internet. Because of copyright restrictions, we cannot provide them other than as examples of what YOU can do with My Radio Station.

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