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Ever thought about programming your own radio station?
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My Radio Station
Program a virtual radio station on your PC
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When you listen to the radio, do you often find yourself disliking the music selection? And then, you think: "I could do a better job than that!"

Well here's your chance to find out.

My Radio Station is a Windows PC music player that simulates the audio of a real radio station (but without the commercials and annoying DJ chatter). Created by a 30-year radio veteran, it has all the tools used by today's commercial radio stations. Using your own music, My Radio Station lets you determine if you can out-program the radio pros.
While most media players can play songs in random order, My Radio Station lets you control the rotation of songs by formats and categories you create. You determine your favorite songs and how often they play. Other songs -- lesser favorites -- can play less frequently. Move songs from one category to another whenever you like.

'Hot Clocks' Give You Control

Radio stations utilize a sort of pie chart known as a "hot clock" to represent song positions throughout an hour. This chart controls the order and general timing of what songs play where. As the day progresses, the active hot clock can change to reflect the preferences of the station's audience.
Radio Hot Clock programming example
My Radio Station uses similar hot clocks so YOU can control how often a song category is selected. Create up to 26 different categories* to fine-tune your clocks and song selections just the way you want.
Change hot clocks throughout the day to match your mood or activity level. You indicate the time of day each clock becomes active. My Radio Station takes care of the rest.
Listen: My Radio Station Country Example (3:21)

Artist and Tempo Protection

90 day Money Back Guarantee

Our Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase of My Radio Station, contact us within 90 days for an immediate refund of the program's purchase price.
* The free version of My Radio Station is limited to two song categories and a maximum of 100 songs per format.
Normal music players have no regard for artists; the same recording artist can repeat within minutes, sometimes back-to-back. The same is true for song tempo. Abruptly swinging from a fast song to a slow (or the reverse) can be a real mood-killer.
With My Radio Station, YOU control artist separation. Just specify how many songs must play before an artist can repeat. And when it comes to song tempos, My Radio Station's "tempo-shift" feature controls the amount of tempo change allowed between songs.
Depending on the music selection available, My Radio Station will strive to match the settings you specify. If it can't find a song matching all the criteria, it will automatically relax restrictions so you're never left without music.
The Tempo Shift grid controls "tempo matching" between songs

Custom Cue Points = Perfect Song Overlaps

When playing music, My Radio Station starts the next song to be played slightly before the previous song ends. This creates a professional music mix or song "overlap". While the program provides an adjustable default cue point, best results are achieved by setting custom cue points on each song individually. My Radio Station "remembers" each cue point and starts the next song at precisely the right moment, providing perfect mixes song after song.
Listen: My Radio Station Oldies Example (2:54)

Got Jingles?

Radio stations use imaging elements such as jingles and liners to add personality to their on air presentation. If you have these audio tracks available (or are skilled enough to make your own), My Radio Station makes it easy to add them your hot clocks, providing "sparkle" that separates your "station" from a jukebox. (Note: jingles and liners are not included.)

Uncanny Music Mixes

Can a music player have feelings? Emotions? You might think so after trying My Radio Station. While you set up the music categories and assign the songs, My Radio Station picks the music. And sometimes the flow between one song and the next is near perfect.
Provided you have a music selection large enough, we think you'll be amazed at how well My Radio Station rotates your music. It's certainly better than anything we've found. It's almost like it's a real radio station. Try it and see for yourself.
Listen: My Radio Station Smooth Jazz Example (3:43)

My Radio Station is a FREE Download

Click the button to download the FREE version of My Radio Station. It has all the features of the Pro version, except that it's limited to two song categories and a maximum of 100 songs per format. If you have greater needs, upgrade to My Radio Station Pro for a one time payment of $29.95. With the Pro version you'll get support for unlimited songs and 26 song categories per format. Plus you'll receive free updates for life without paying another cent.
So, can you outprogram the pros? Click "Download" now and find out.
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Upgrade to MRS Pro - $29.95
(Lifetime License)
Purchase Worry-Free via PayPal or Any Major Credit Card
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